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Want Discounted Amazon Gift Cards in Bulk? Get Them from Incenti Today!

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A digital gift card is an excellent incentive to share with your employees and customers right away, no matter where they are in the world. They’ll love it because → 

  1. An eGift Card can provide them with an instant reward applicable on their favorite brand. 
  2. It is available in multiple denominations for example, you can get a $25 Amazon gift card, $100 Amazon Gift card and even one for $200!
  3. It is instantly redeemable on all products at a specific brand or service
  4. It doesn’t expire
  5. It can be shared instantly worldwide

The list goes on and on. Obviously though, every gift card offers a different sort of value. You can share a PubG Mobile Gift Card with PubG users who will love it. 

You can share an Aeropostale Gift Card and clothing enthusiasts will appreciate it. 

You can share a Bed, Bath & Beyond Gift Card and recipients seeking home improvements will like it. 

But there is one gift card that everyone loves and that is the Amazon Gift Card. This eGift is an excellent choice to purchase in bulk and share with your recipients. 

Here’s why Amazon works for everyone and can be a real breadwinner for your rewards program. 

What makes the Amazon Gift Card the best digital reward? 



While there are plenty of reasons that make Amazon Gift Cards the best reward, we’ll be covering the most evident ones below → 

  • There are more than 12 million products available across 36 product categories on Amazon which opens up a vast world of possibilities! 
  • Amazon Gift Cards can also be redeemed on Amazon Prime – a popular streaming service with 200 million members! 
  • As mentioned above, Amazon Gift Cards come in various denominations making them a perfect fit for low budget as well as high budget reward programs! 
  • A gift card from Amazon can be activated and used without any charge. As a result, your recipients can take full advantage of whatever value you add in their Amazon eGift! 
  • Amazon Gift Cards can be delivered instantly, anywhere in the world! 
  • Everyone wants one thing or the other from Amazon making them a safe and extremely valuable reward option for every type of audience. Whether its customers, employees, users, research participants, vendors, channel partners, and more, this works for everyone. 

Why Should You Buy Amazon Gift Cards in Bulk? 



Looking to reward your best customers and employees? If you’re a successful business or a large enterprise, you likely have hundreds or even thousands of recipients to share rewards with. 

In such a scenario, it can be really tough to pinpoint specific online gift cards that can please every type of audience. However, you can never go wrong with an Amazon Gift Card since it is applicable on literally everyone!

That’s why you should consider buying Amazon Gift Cards in bulk. Bulk eGift card orders allow you to share rewards instantly. These eGifts can then be redeemed on all types of products and services on a particular brand. 

Furthermore, not only do bulk eGift card orders maximize the impact of your company incentives for employees or promotional programs for customers, but you also  get major cost savings by ordering your gift cards in large quantities. 


Choose the Right Platform to Share Amazon Gift Cards in Bulk



The Incenti platform is an ideal rewarding API for your business. It can be instantly integrated with your CRM software so you can automate reward deliveries to your desired recipient list. 

Incenti also makes it easy for businesses to buy, manage and distribute gift cards in bulk. All you have to do is simply share your requirements via the contact form. We will have an expert get in touch with you to help put a successful reward program in place that meets all your rewarding needs.

Our exclusive catalog stack holds over 500 major brand gift cards. Check out each and every Gift card on the Incenti platform here. 

How to Buy Amazon Bulk Gift Cards?



Though Amazon offers several options to satisfy product needs, there are significant advantages to using a gift card platform rather than purchasing straight from Amazon.

Click here to start buying Amazon gift cards in bulk.

Sharing Gift Cards Manually vs Using An Automated Gift Card Distribution Platform 


When it comes to sharing gift cards manually vs automating gift card deliveries with a platform like Incenti comes down to a few factors you must consider. 

  • First, how often would you like to send gift cards with your campaigns?
  • How many recipients do you expect for future campaigns?
  • Do you want to send physical or eGift cards? 
  • How much time do you dedicate to manually sending out eGift vs. physical gift cards?
  • Is it necessary for you to be able to report on the results of your gift card campaigns?
  • Finally, would you like to be able to reclaim unused gift card funds?

Choosing which sharing approach to use depends on your answers to the above questions. In most scenarios though, using an automated gift card distribution platform like Incenti is much more efficient because → 

  1. You can directly buy Gift Cards from the Incenti website.
  2. You get a dedicated support manager who helps you put your reward program in place from start to finish.
  3. You can schedule eGift card deliveries and have them shared automatically. 
  4. You can view analytics to see which rewards performed well and how. 

Share Amazon Gift Cards at Scale via Incenti



Do you want an alternative to regular Amazon bulk gift card orders? Incenti is here to help you out.

Get in touch to see how our user-friendly platform and API can help your business optimize its gift card distribution process while saving you money.

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