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Reward customers and employees via branded digital gift cards, eGifts, Top ups, prepaid Rewards and more instantly at scale, worldwide.

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Buy & Automate Distribution of Amazon eGift Cards in Bulk

With the Incenti API, you can create a seamless customer experience for customers and employees alike. We offer an automated digital reward sharing system that integrates with your online store or website. Streamline the entire process of sharing eGift cards with your recipients in bulk– from sending the gift card to having it redeemed at checkout – all in just a few easy steps.

Our Amazon Card Stack lets you choose your desired Amazon Gift Cards’ Value to share in bulk

Amazon Gift Cards share in bulk

Amazon eGift Cards are perfect to share with your global employee or customer base

Amazon eGift Cards for Employee
Amazon eGift cards are personalized to be used in a specific country which makes them a great rewarding option. Due to a wide selection of Amazon gift cards being redeemable only in designated nations, they’ve become a great choice for rewarding recipients spread out across the globe. You can share Amazon eGift card Canada for employees or customers based there, Amazon eGift card UK for recipients based in England and many more depending on where your recipients are located.
Amazon eGift Cards for Employee

Sharing Amazon eGift Cards in bulk is quick and easy with the Incenti Gift Card API. Here’s why!

Automated Distribution
Automate sending of eGifts, Digital gift cards, Top-ups, and Prepaid rewards in bulk, anywhere, anytime with Incenti API.
Dedicated Customer Support
We provide a dedicated customer happiness manager, technical support, along with post-launch support to make your rewards program a resounding success.
Share Amazon Gift Cards in Bulk
Extensive Catalog
Pioneer incredible customer loyalty programs and employee engagement initiatives with our extensive catalog of 600+ global brands spanning across 47+ nations!
Data & Reporting
Control your spending or monitor program performance with our advanced reporting dashboard to always make intelligent business decisions.

Buying Amazon Bulk Gift Cards is easier than ever

buying amazon egift card
Whether it’s Amazon Bulk Gift Cards or multiple prepaid rewards, sharing at scale is a breeze! Simply get in touch and share your requirements, and let our team attend to your business needs within 24 hours.
buying amazon egift card
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Limitless Reward Sharing, Worldwide

Sharing Amazon eGift Cards and more with customers and employees all across the globe instantly with Incenti.
limitless reward

FAQ - How to Use

To redeem an Amazon gift card, log in to your Amazon account and follow these steps:

  1. Click the drop-down menu icon from the top left corner of the Amazon homepage.
  2. Select Your Account option under Help & Settings section.
  3. Navigate to the Gift cards tab.
  4. Click the Redeem button on a Gift Card option from the left pane.
  5. Insert your code and click on the Apply button to redeem an Amazon gift card.
You can’t transfer your Amazon gift card balance to another account. Instead, you can send an eGift Card to the recipient’s Amazon account. The money will get added to their Amazon pay account instantly for further use.

There are different gift cards, including eGift cards, physical gift cards, brand gift cards, and corporate bulk cards. Let’s have a look at these simple steps to share Amazon Gift Card in bulk:

  1. Visit the Incenti website.
  2. Select Amazon Gift Card.
  3. Share your desired gift card style and other specific requirements.
  4. One of our representatives will get back to you and guide you throughout the bulk-sharing process.
  5. After sharing eGift cards in bulk, follow up with your recipient at any time.
Incenti API enables the bulk sending of gift cards directly to large lists of recipients worldwide within seconds. All you have to do is share your requirements, and our representative will get in touch with you to automate your bulk gift card-sharing process.

In order to leverage Amazon Gift Card Email Delivery Service efficiently, follow these steps →

  1. Visit the Incenti webpage in order to leverage Amazon gift card email delivery Service.
  2. Share your requirements with us or schedule a demo regarding our service.
  3. Fill in your recipient’s name, email address, gift card denomination, and any personalized message you want to include. Please make sure the information is accurate because we can’t double-check it.
  4. We’ll notify you and your intended recipient when your order is processed.
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