Automate Sharing of Virtual Prepaid Cards at scale, instantly with Incenti

Virtual Prepaid
Share an assortment of virtual prepaid cards via email or code directly to your recipient’s anywhere in bulk. Avail dedicated customer support – from idea & execution to final delivery on all virtual Prepaid rewards powered by Visa & Mastercard.
Virtual Prepaid

Get premium Virtual Prepaid Cards with Incenti

Virtual Prepaid
Virtual Prepaid
Virtual Prepaid

Share eGifts & Virtual Prepaid Rewards at Scale via the Incenti Catalog

Virtual Prepaid

Transform Customer Loyalty & Employee Engagement
Initiatives with Virtual Prepaid Cards

Gift your recipients the power to spend on whatever they need, whenever they want.
Visa + Mastercard Compatibility
Visa + Mastercard Compatibility
Spendable anywhere Visa or Mastercard is Accepted.
Seamless sharing experience
Automated Sharing
Delight your recipients with custom rewards shared automatically with the Incenti API.
Great Value to share
Worldwide Distribution
Share anywhere in the world you wish to boost customer loyalty and employee engagement.

Offer value and convenience that inspires joy

Personalized, valuable and instantly redeemable everywhere
From idea to execution till your first delivery, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way to help your brand make a statement.
Add Convenient
Choose your desired amount to share – Always ensure a sustainable prepaid rewards program.
Add Personalized
Add personalized messages fit for any occasion. Take appreciation and recipients’ joy to the next level.
Choose Desired
Whether it’s US Dollars, GBP or EUR, we put you in control of every reward.

Why Choose Virtual Prepaid Mastercard or Visa to share with your recipients?

Virtual Prepaid

Why Choose Virtual Prepaid Mastercard or Visa to share with your recipients?

Virtual Prepaid Mastercard and Virtual Prepaid Visa are the perfect solution for your global audience due to them being the most globalized internationally accepted credit cards in the world. As of right now, mastercard and Visa are accepted at all major online retail stores operating in 195+ countries worldwide! Here’s why sharing virtual prepaid Mastercard and Visa can be your best bet for an inspiring reward program!

Highly Inclusive

Virtual prepaid Mastercard and Virtual Prepaid Visa cards can be used by everyone as they don't require credit checks or bank accounts before being shared with anyone.

Send & Receive Funds Directly

Your recipients can manage their finances more conveniently. They can also send and receive funds directly on their mobile devices with prepaid virtual credit cards.

Safer than cash

Prepaid Virtual Credit cards are sophisticated and extremely difficult to hack. This makes them one of the safest reward mediums currently available.

Accepted Everywhere

Virtual Prepaid Mastercard & Virtual prepaid Visa are accepted everywhere physical debit cards are accepted worldwide. That’s all the recognized nations in the world!

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Open up a virtual pool of opportunities

Here’s what you get
Virtual Prepaid Visa Card
Order & Receive
Virtual Prepaid Visa Card or Virtual Prepaid Mastercard from us
Prepaid Card Code
Share 16 digit virtual prepaid card codes with your Recipients along with CVV & Expiry Dates
Usable Anywhere, Online
Dazzle your recipients with the infinite possibilities of Virtual prepaid cards used anywhere Visa or mastercard is accepted!

Hear from our global clients

Why Choose Incenti as your Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards Partner?

Automated Worldwide
End-to-End Customer
Extensive Catalog - 600+
Instant Delivery - 24/7
Advanced Data &
Monitoring Dashboard

Send Virtual prepaid Cards Everywhere!

Share virtual cards with your customers and employees anywhere in the world directly through SMS or in their inbox. Offer your recipients the ability to redeem endless rewards with Virtual Prepaid Visa Card & Virtual prepaid Mastercard online!
Virtual Prepaid
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