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iFly eGift Cards can be instantly shared worldwide in bulk via the Incenti API.

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iFly Gift Cards

Share iFly Gift Cards globally at scale through the Incenti API!

Share iFly Gift Cards globally
iFly eGift Cards enable your recipients to enjoy the best skydiving experience on offer! Enable your recipients to jump out of the sky and revel in it for a thrilling, once in a lifetime moment. iFly gift cards are one of the most insane and exciting reward gifts in the Incenti Catalog and your customers and employees will never forget you if you share it with them! iFly eGifts allow your customers to catch the best skydiving deals at discounted rates. Moreover, you can distribute multiple iFly Gift Card denominations for a fast and scalable rewards program. Add the iFly Gift Card balance from available denominations and share them at scale via the Incenti API, instantly worldwide!
Share iFly Gift Cards globally

The Incenti Gift Card API makes it easy to share iFly Gift Cards at scale. Here’s why!

Automated Distribution

Automate sending of eGifts, Digital gift cards, Top-ups, and Prepaid rewards in bulk, anywhere, anytime with Incenti API.

Dedicated Customer Support
We provide a dedicated customer happiness manager, technical support, along with post-launch support to make your rewards program a resounding success.
share iFly Gift Cards at scale
Extensive Catalog
Pioneer incredible customer loyalty programs and employee engagement initiatives with our extensive catalog of 600+ global brands spanning across 47+ nations!
Data & Reporting
Control your spending or monitor program performance with our advanced reporting dashboard to always make intelligent business decisions.

Where to buy iFly Gift Cards in bulk?

buy iFly Gift Cards in bulk
Wondering about where you can buy iFly Gift Cards? You’re at the right place! Whether it’s iFly Bulk Gift Cards or multiple prepaid rewards, you can buy them in bulk from the Incenti Catalog and share them at scale with your recipients. Simply get in touch and share your requirements, and let our team attend to your rewarding needs within 24 hours!
buy iFly Gift Cards in bulk
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Share iFly Gift Cards and more with customers and employees all across the globe instantly with Incenti.
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